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Nord estate is your scandinavian real estate agent in Spain

10 years of experience

With over 10 years of experience in real estate in the Canary Islands and with a team of professional agents and lawyers, we are ready to advise you on your home purchase in Spain.

We have access to more than 12,500 homes in Spain and can thus with guarantee find exactly what you are looking for.

Tell us what you are looking for and we will find it for you. This is how we work, and this is how we have already helped hundreds of buyers find the right home. We are based on your needs, requirements, and dreams.

About us

Nord Estate is owned by Mrs. Anja Korsgaard Petersen, which deals with the purchase, sale and rental of apartments, houses, holiday homes, country houses and owner-occupied homes in Spain.

We have more than 10 years of experience in banking, financing, and housing advice. We have the whole package that guarantees you a good and safe home sale. We deal with housing transactions in the Canary Islands and Costa del Sol and have a great insight into the development of the housing market which means that we know the way to a satisfactory housing trade.

We do not just sell you a house, we sell you a home – and then we sell you the lifestyle you and your family demand.

We know what it takes for the family with children to thrive. We understand what is important in retirement age when you buy your first foreign holiday home, as well as if you want to move to Spain permanently – we know where you need to live to thrive in your surroundings.

We help you find the right home that meets all your wishes in terms of location and price.

To achieve joint success, dialogue is our most important tool and at the same time we go a lot into the personal relationship throughout the process before, during and after the takeover.

Today, most things can be done via email, telephone, and the Internet, but we feel that personal contact is very important. That is why we always offer our customers a personal start-up meeting, so we can make sure that we work towards a common goal – YOUR dream home in Spain.

We work with local real estate agents, and you will always have an agent speaking your language who makes sure that you as a customer are always sure that everything is done in a language that is understandable. Our partners all have many years of experience from the housing market in Spain and all live in the areas. Hereby we have the right basis to give you the right guidance and advice in relation to your wishes.

Our business style is characterized by personal presence, thoroughness, competence, trust, and commitment. We look forward to helping you find your dream home in Spain.

When you want to buy a home in Spain, we recommend that you get professional assistance – even if you may be able to speak the language. Buying a house in Spain is very different from what you know from the Scandinavian housing trade. Whether you want to buy a holiday home – possibly. for full or partial holiday rental – as an investment, as a business and / or as your year-round home, because you want to move permanently to Spain, you should ally yourself with a knowledgeable advisor who has thorough experience and an in-depth knowledge of both Spanish housing, legislation, and practice.

We and our partners in Spain advise you in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, English, and German.

You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions regarding housing in Spain.

We speak 5 languages
We help you with communicating with the bank
We know the market
We help you through the process
We help you find the right property
We are fair and honest

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